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Balboa Island, CA USA

Balboa Island offers a small town vibe amid sprawling Newport Beach and Orange County.  Driving over the bridge from Newport Beach onto the Island, you’ll be on Marine Avenue, Balboa Island’s main street, lined with shops with colorful flags and awnings, and a lot of red, white and blue.

Balboa Island is a comfortable place for a summer stroll.

This small piece of paradise is an ideal place to enjoy a relaxing walk, once you find a parking spot.  The residential streets are narrow and, since the entire perimeter of the island is less than a two mile walk, you can park anywhere, walk around the island, and be back at your car in about an hour (just remember the name of the street where you parked!).

Walking around Balboa Island is a comfortable experience. The boardwalk is smooth and flat, lined with beautiful bay front homes, private docks, and a front-row view of the array of boats cruising Newport Harbor.

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Marine Avenue features an array of unique boutiques, restaurants and ice cream shops featuring chocolate dipped frozen bananas and ‘Balboa Bars,’ vanilla ice cream on a stick dipped in chocolate and colorful sprinkles.

Balboa Island is the place to enjoy a frozen banana or ice cream bar while shopping.

You can hop on the ferry (in your car or on foot) for a five minute ride across the bay to the Balboa Peninsula, where the Balboa Fun Zonefeatures a bayside Ferris wheel, arcade games, along with boat rentals and tours.

Balboa Island will be decked out in red, white and blue for Fourth of July week and other summer holidays.  It’s also a good place to catch the Old Glory Boat Parade on July 4th,  sponsored by the American Legion Yacht Club.

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Balboa Island, CA USA

Balboa Island, CA is a seaside getaway in Orange County. It offers a small town feel on the edge of sprawling Newport Beach.

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