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So Cal Chinese New Year Celebrations

South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa is among the many So Cal venues welcoming in the Year of the Snake. (Photo: Traffic411)

The Chinese (Lunar) New Year rings in on Sunday (February 10, 2013). Los Angeles and Orange County are home to some of the highest populations of Asian residents in the nation. Here are a few places you can join the celebration welcoming in the year of the Snake.

Kids in Orange County can sample popular Chinese foods and learn about the Snake and other symbols in the Chinese Zodiac at Pretend City Children’s Museum in Irvine.

In the Torrance area, dancers in colorful costumes will perform at the South Bay Galleria, and 100 children will receive traditional red envelopes with cash ($2) inside. Read more

Disney California Adventure is hosting a Lunar New Year Celebration (Feb 8-13) offering cultural foods, music and dance performances, featuring popular Disney characters. Click for details.

Several upscale boutiques at South Coast Plaza in Orange County are adding Asian fashion and flair in honor of the Chinese New Year.  And, across Southern California, Starbucks and Target have been selling Year of the Snake themed gift cards. Read a round up of So Cal retailers celebrating the Year of the Snake.

The Year of the Snake comes around every twelve years.  You can tune-in to the energy of this Chinese symbol by listening to your intuition, and gracefully shedding old thoughts, beliefs, issues, as gently as a snake sheds its skin. Chinese astrology says people born during the year of the snake are wise thinkers who enjoy living well.

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Shuttle Endeavour’s Final Flight

The Hollywood Sign is one of several landmarks the shuttle Endeavour is expected to soar over on its final flight. (photo: Traffic411)

Southern California is known for its fabulous weather, beautiful beaches and horrible traffic. Any driver will tell you, it doesn’t have to be rush hour to find yourself stuck in gridlock. So, imagine what might happen to L.A freeways later this morning when a 747 jumbo jet with a space shuttle riding on its back soars low across the area.

In just a few hours, Space shuttle Endeavour will make its final flight, leaving Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert for Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). But, before it touches down at L.A.X, Endeavor is expected to fly over some of the areas most iconic landmarks.

NASA hasn’t released the shuttle’s flight plan, CBS Los Angeles is reporting these are some of the landmarks where Endeavour will tour: Malibu, Venice Beach, Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood Sign, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, LAX, The USS Iowa, The Getty Museum, Universal Studios, California Science Center, The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, and Disneyland.

CBS LA is reporting this is the possible flight path of the space shuttle Endeavor as it makes its final flight. (credit: CBS)

These landmarks are scattered across Southern California, so Endeavour could be visible in the skies for 90 minutes or more. Many excited people are pre-planning their viewing spots, but there will undoubtedly be plenty of drivers caught off guard when they witness the once in a lifetime flyover. See the CBS story here

The spectacle could cause accidents, as drivers take their eyes off the road. It will likely bring freeways to a standstill. Drivers are advised to pull to the side of the road and stop their vehicles if they want to watch the shuttle flyover today, which is expected to take place between 10 am and noon.

Endeavour will make the final landing of its career at LAX around 12:45 pm PT, where it will be stored in a hanger until next month. Then the shuttle will make its way through city streets to its final home, the California Science Center.


Driving to Disney’s New Cars Land is a Bumper-to-Bumper Adventure

Driving to Disney's New Cars Land is a Bumper to Bumper Adventure

The opening of Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim, will make the nearby 5 freeway a busy commute for So Cal drivers.

The grand opening of Disney’s “Cars Land” in Anaheim promises real life gridlock on the nearby Santa Ana (5) freeway in the coming weeks.  Thousands of Disney fans and families will be vacationing in Anaheim this summer to be among the first to explore Disney’s newest attraction.

Based on the popular Disney-Pixar films, Cars Land is the crowning jewel of a $1 billion overhaul of Disney’s California Adventure theme park, located across the entrance to Disneyland.  A tribute to the glory days of Route 66 is also featured in the remodel, which demonstrates our long love affair with driving cars.  Disney officials are hoping that Cars Land will drive traffic to Disneyland’s sister park.  California Adventure hasn’t thrilled visitors much since it opened in 2001.

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