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“Disney Treasures” at the Reagan Library

Movie costumes from Pirates of the Caribbean and other Disney classics are on display through April 2013 at the Reagan Library.


The Reagan Library has a big treat for Disney fans! The largest ever temporary exhibit of memorabilia from decades of Disney, from Disneyland to Disney movies and TV shows, is on display through April 2013 at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, CA.

“Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives,” featuring hundreds of items from the World of Disney, is sure to thrill devoted Disney fans.  You’ll see up close the Black Pearl sailing ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, there are also items from classic Disneyland rides, including a pirate from the original Pirates ride at Disneyland, along with hitchhiking ghosts from The Haunted Mansion.

A character from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is among the "Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives" exhibit at The Reagan Presidential Library.

Items that span Disney’s entire career are on display, from early Steamboat Willie drawings, to classic Disney costumes, including Mary Poppins’ dress, and gowns and costumes from an array of movies.  There’s also memorabilia from Disney animated features such as the Little Mermaid and Lion King.  Visitors will also enjoy seeing items from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and Marvel Comic collectibles.


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Did you know that Walt Disney and Ronald Reagan were longtime friends?  When Disneyland in Anaheim opened its doors in 1955, Reagan hosted the TV broadcast at the Magic Kingdom.  In 1985, Disney World in Florida hosted Reagan’s second presidential inaugural celebration when the weather was too freezing in Washington DC.

D23, the official Disney fan club, is hosting this exhibit, so it’s sure to delight Disney fans of all ages.

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Traffic411 Insider Tip:  There is an additional admission fee to see “Disney Treasures” but it’s worth it.  Visit in the afternoon when the library is less crowded.

Distance from LAX: 49 miles

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Reagan Presidential Library

At the Reagan Library you can tour Air Force One. Seven U.S. presidents have traveled on this aircraft.

History buffs tell me that the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library in Simi Valley, CA, is the best U.S. presidential library of all.  Visitors can tour Air Force One, the aircraft used by seven U.S. presidents.  You can also see Marine One, the presidential helicopter and other vehicles President Reagan used. There’s a full-sized replica of the Oval Office, and multimedia exhibits detailing President Reagan’s life and eight years in office, including the assassination attempt on his life.  the grounds are stunning.  Perched on a hilltop, the hacienda ranch style building overlooks hills and crops and on a clear day visitors can see the Pacific Ocean.

The interactive exhibits are my favorite part of the Reagan Library.  Remember, Ronnie was an actor, so you’ll have the chance to sit before a camera and green screen where you’re transported into a movie scene, or calling a ballgame alongside Reagan. I delivered one of Reagan’s G.E. radio addresses, which was really fun .  Your performance is recorded so you can see how you did.  One room over, you can go on stage behind a lectern to find out what it’s like reading glass teleprompters as you address the public.

The Reagan Library gives you a chance to step into the shoes of a U.S. president!

Outside, there’s a lot of green grass. An area depicts the White House South Lawn and rose garden.  You can take an up close look at a chunk of the Berlin Wall and the Ronald Reagan  memorial, where the president’s body was laid to rest following the sunset funeral service on the Library grounds. Be sure to bring your camera, the Reagan Library features an array of photo ops to help you remember your visit.

The Reagan Library features a full-size replica of the Oval Office.

Bonus: The Reagan Library is hosting a special “Treasures of theWalt Disney Archives” exhibit through April 2013. This is the largest off site exhibit of Disney memorabilia ever. Check back for my post on this aspect of your visit to The Reagan Library.

Miles from LAX: 49 miles

Traffic411 Insider Tip: Visit in the afternoon when the Library is less crowded.

Reagan Presidential Library

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley California is a fun place to spend an afternoon. Several interactive multimedia exhibits offer the opportunity for visitors to step into the life of the U.S. president known as the great communicator.

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